We are a well-established small architectural practice with a record of many high-quality, imaginative yet practical projects. 

We enjoy working closely with clients to create distinctive places to live.  Our work ranges from reviving tired flats to creating whole living environments including built-in furniture, lighting and landscape design, all of which we do in-house.  Accustomed to working within the restrictions posed by existing buildings, often listed, we explore the possibilities and find contemporary solutions which complement the original property. 

Our sensitive, modern designs use natural materials, colour and light to give a feeling of space and warmth.  We link introverted houses to their gardens, bring character to dull apartments, resolve awkward layouts, and optimise space with finely crafted built-in furniture.

Dale Loth

Brought up by parents with a strong interest in modern design, I knew by the age of five that I wanted to become an architect.  Studying first at Syracuse University’s strictly Bauhaus-oriented architecture school in my native New York State, and then at London’s laissez-faire Architectural Association, I remained in London and set up this firm in the 1980s. 

Neil Fletcher

After studying architecture at Manchester University, I met Dale working on the British Library project and joined him as a partner in 1998.  Our approach to design is similar enough that we can easily work together, but different enough that we challenge each other.  I have my best ideas whilst riding my bike or swimming in the lido.



Neil Fletcher and Dale Loth on the balcony above their office.