Docklands Apartment

An office building in Saffron Wharf was converted into apartments offering plenty of space and big windows but little character.  Our client asked us to give his large flat a distinctive character, with generous storage and good positions for his art collection.

After generic communal spaces, the flat's red entrance hall makes an immediate impact.  The enclosing, intriguing character of the windowless room reprogrammes the mind.  The glazed steel screen to the living / dining area is mainly obscured, but clear areas give glimpses of what lies beyond.  

The main element in the living area is a 10M long light ash storage wall, partially screened by royal blue sliding panels.  Paintings, bookshelves, storage drawers, audio and video equipment are all concentrated here, freeing the rest of the space for flexible furniture arrangements.  

Saffron Wharf backs onto St Saviour's Dock rather than directly onto the Thames.  We designed a full-height hinged mirror near the window wall to reflect the river itself.

In the dining area, a tapering grey limestone counter, stainless steel shelves and LED backlit panel form a bar and sideboard.