Oxfordshire Rectory

Victorian Gothic former rectory, beautifully set but with a hopeless layout.  We extensively altered the house and its landscape, adding two wings, a formal pool and informal pond.  The result is an exciting but practical family home juxtaposing modern with historic, integrating interior with exterior.





Contemporary Cotswold stone portico contrasts with and complements original Victorian Gothic porch

Replacing an agglomeration of smaller non-original structures, the west extension neatly incorporates a study, large utility room, boot room and cloakroom as well as providing a direct entrance. Although only a single storey, its large scale relates to that of the imposing 1870s vicarage.

A study desk is built into the glazed bay overlooking the rock-strewn, verdant cascade.

Clean lines of new entrance porch are softened by pale golden Cotswold stonework and solid oak doors and windows.

The well-insulated conservatory faces north, thus avoiding overheating in the summer. Bands of shallow semi circular stone steps relate the structure to the landscape

A bespoke black granite topped oak breakfast bar with recessed lighting opens the kitchen to the conservatory. The floor is white cement screed with clear epoxy seal and gas-fired underfloor heating.

We made the conservatory semi-circular to offer a 180º degree view of the delightfully landscaped grounds, but also since some of the best views are at odd angles from the house.

Pavilion-style Japanese-influenced bay designed to visually open the house to the landscape.

Andrew Callender writes:

We have used Dale Loth Architects twice, first in Addison Road, London and secondly to work on a large Victorian rectory outside Oxford.  The projects were very different and underline Dale Loth Architects' breadth of expertise and flexibility. From the outset, they listened to our broad specifications, providing immediate feedback, and a range of design options. Communication was excellent throughout on both projects, important as both lasted over 12 months and involved multiple stages. An indication of the costs of each option was provided at an early stage (in detail) and these initial costings proved accurate. There were no sudden financial surprises in either project.

We would highly recommend the design and creative expertise of Dale Loth Architects. The Victorian rectory was a large project that involved the design of a large conservatory (the final design is an amazing space that is now the focus of the house, linked into a completely redesigned kitchen). A study area was also created linked to an outside pond and waterfall complex. The use of lighting, materials and design to link - yet segregate - different areas was particularly impressive, especially to incorporate these newer parts to the house to the traditional Victorian rectory.

We always felt that we received very high levels of attention from Dale Loth Architects and received immediate responses to any queries and issues that arose throughout the design and construction process.

We have no hesitation in recommending them, and indeed will use them again on any future project.