from L R Blackstone, London NW3:

We had been living for some years, rather awkwardly, in a house with a semi-basement and a raised ground floor in Hampstead.  Neither floor gave us a comfortably useable space or  ready access to our garden.  After consulting three other architects without success, we finally found Dale Loth Architects. They were able to completely reimagine our space in a way that none of our previous advisers had envisaged.  Their solution required seriously creative three-dimensional vision. It was deceptively simple and elegant. It has completely transformed the experience of living in our home.  This all took place some fifteen years ago.  Their solution has survived two major rearrangements of our living, dining and recreation areas seamlessly.  We have no hesitation in recommending them.

Link to project  House on Hampstead Heath

Claus Vögele writes from Germany:

Dale and I met more than 20 years ago and have been friends ever since. After a traumatic event I was forced to rebuild my life, which took the shape of owning a house and garden, which is more than just a place to live. It is a home which reflects my personality, my aesthetics and my hope for the future. I could not have wished for a better partner in this momentous enterprise. Dale's understanding of my situation and my taste together with his knowledge and sensitivity are reflected in every feature of the layout of the house and the garden.

Claus Vögele aus Trier schreibt:

Dale und ich haben uns vor mehr als 20 Jahren kennengelernt und sind seither Freunde. Nach einem traumatischen Erlebnis war ich gezwungen, mein Leben neu zu definieren. Dies nahm die Gestalt eines Hauses mit Garten an, die mehr für mich sind als ein Platz zum Leben. Es ist jetzt mein zuhause, das meine Persönlichkeit, mein Verständnis von Ästhetik und meine Hoffnung für die Zukunft widerspiegelt. Ich hätte mir für dieses wichtige Unterfangen keinen besseren Partner wünschen können. Dales Verständnis meiner Situation und meiner Präferenzen, zusammen mit seinem Wissen und seiner Sensibilität sind in jedem Aspekt der Anlage und der Ausführung des Hauses und Gartens präsent.

link to project  Löllberg House - Haus am Löllberg  

from Jo G, London W2:

Dale Loth and Neil Fletcher have been the perfect architects for our Notting Hill flat refurbishment, they have interpreted our requirements beautifully.

From the very beginning they understood exactly what we wanted, redesigning the flat to use every inch of available space and still managing to give us a calm space full of light, which flows well and is an absolute pleasure to live in.  The design detailing is immaculate throughout, and the materials exquisite; walnut joinery and oak flooring, interior copper door, bespoke gold-leaf back mirrors and subtle effortless lighting.  We are delighted with the result.  The flat feels spacious and it's as beautifully designed and finished as a super yacht; The aesthetic is utterly modern but the space has a classic simplicity which makes it seem timeless, which will feel as fresh tomorrow as it did on the first day we walked into it.

While many people envy expensive homes, money does not buy taste, restraint or refinement. It is all too easy to be vulgar where money is no object.  We feel that we have made a wise investment through good design, and Dale Loth Architects have co-created an exemplary London home. What sets them apart in our eyes, is perhaps an innate feeling for which solution to an architectural conundrum will make the better home.  This is a quality that we suspect is almost impossible to learn, but they have it in spades.

We would not hesitate to recommend them and certainly hope to work with them again on a future project.

Link to project   Notting Hill Flat


from Andrew Callender, Oxfordshire:

We have used Dale Loth Architects twice, first in Addison Road, London and secondly to work on a large Victorian rectory outside Oxford.  The projects were very different and underline Dale Loth Architects' breadth of expertise and flexibility.  From the outset, they listened to our broad specifications, providing immediate feedback, and a range of design options. Communication was excellent throughout on both projects, important as both lasted over 12 months and involved multiple stages.  An indication of the costs of each option was provided at an early stage (in detail) and these initial costings proved accurate.  There were no sudden financial surprises in either project.

We would highly recommend the design and creative expertise of Dale Loth Architects.  The Victorian rectory was a large project that involved the design of a large conservatory (the final design is an amazing space that is now the focus of the house, linked into a completely redesigned kitchen).  A study area was also created linked to an outside pond and waterfall complex. The use of lighting, materials and design to link - yet segregate - different areas was particularly impressive, especially to incorporate these newer parts to the house to the traditional Victorian rectory.

We always felt that we received very high levels of attention from Dale Loth Architects and received immediate responses to any queries and issues that arose throughout the design and construction process.

We have no hesitation in recommending them, and indeed will use them again on any future project.

Link to project   Addison Road, Holland Park


Link to project  Oxfordshire Rectory


from Shawn Slovo, London NW5:

Over the last 15 years Dale Loth Architects have designed and supervised the conversion of two houses on my behalf, with startling results.  They addressed my priorities, which I would say are their priorities: maximising space and light.   It was Neil Fletcher who sourced my current property, and who could see and convince me of its potential.  They supervised the rebuild throughout, with impeccable taste, and right down to the smallest detail.  The result is everything I hoped it would be, and more, and has contributed hugely to my wellbeing and happiness.


Link to project   Gospel Oak Cottage


From Catherine W Hays, London NW1:

Working with Dale and Neil was a pleasurable and fun experience which stays with us today - our friends call it our 'Cosmic Kitchen' and indeed, we are very proud. Dale and Neil made it all happen with great ease and they were so easy to get along with. It was a joy to work with a team where you know that you can trust their design judgement 100%.  We really appreciated that they made themselves readily available and took our likes and dislikes seriously.

They worked to deadline, kept to the budget and were so sympathetic to the heritage of the house. I have seen Victorian houses like ours disappear under a contemporary whitewash of the past - Dale and Neil know how to 'modernise', but not lose the soul of an old house which is a remarkable feat. 

Link to project  Camden Square Kitchen


from Sam Murgatroyd, London W4: 

We have a Grade 2 listed house in Chiswick that was in a bad condition when we bought it.  Dale Loth have created a beautiful, well designed family house that we feel immensely proud of.  Not only is the design of the house outstanding but the space works. Dale Loth thought through our needs and future needs so that every part of the house has a function, an important factor in London, where space is at more of a premium.

Neil Fletcher was a pleasure to work with and I know that the relationship between him and our builders was a good one, again, an important factor when undertaking a big project.  We had to go through many hoops with the planners and that was also managed brilliantly - not always easy!

I would highly recommend Dale Loth and Neil Fletcher in particular.  They minimised a stressful process and we have come away with a house we love.


from Julia Fish, London N1:

Dale first came to advise me some 15 years ago when I wanted to put a top floor on my Georgian terrace house in London, replacing the existing loft with a bedroom and bathroom, and modifying the sitting room on the first floor.   From start to finish the project went well. Dale and his team give a very personal service and were most attentive to all the details involved:
they spent time understanding what I wanted from the project;
they reacted quickly whenever I had a query during the project;
they had a full understanding of the planning issues in a conservation area;
they had a rapport with the local surveyor;
the budget/quote was kept to: and

they were able to supply me with a good list of building contractors from which to choose.

I am still enjoying the space, so much so that when I wanted an extension to the house in 2003/4, I had no hesitation in asking Dale whether he/they would like to be involved.

The second project was at the rear of the house so I could have found the process more intrusive but that was not the case.  It involved building on a room across the back of the house, creating access to it from the main house, and then creating a terrace above it with access from the kitchen and involved building a staircase from the terrace to the garden below.

It has added a 'Wow' factor to my house.

It all worked so well.  So well that I recommended the practice to some friends/neighbours nearby and I know that they were very pleased with the end result.

I cannot recommend Dale Loth Architects highly enough.


from Clare Deansley, Cambridgeshire:

I have used Dale Loth on two occasions since 2006. The first time was for the installation of a garden room extension at our house in Islington. This was a complicated project in that it was being undertaken at the same time as the house was being underpinned. The underpinning works were being done by builders and with a quantity surveyor/project manager appointed by the insurers, who were paying for the underpinning works. Neil Fletcher went way beyond his brief in managing the interface of the underpinning works and some quite difficult moments with the underpinning contractors and their surveyor. He handled meetings with calmness professionalism and great skill. He was also particularly good in his approach to working up and presenting the original design for the extension and liaising with the Listed Building Officer to achieve the requisite consent for the extension works, achieving a really usable and attractive space. 

In 2013 we used Dale Loth again for the design and management of a major refurbishment of a house in Cambridgeshire. Again this included a new garden room as well as a complete remodelling of a kitchen, plus all the other unseen works which arise when you start work renovating a house which had not seen major attention for at least 50 years! The project ran to time, which was a key concern as we were having a wedding from the house less than a month after practical completion. As before Neil went the extra mile, worked extremely well with all the contractors involved and needless to say we are delighted with the result.

Link to project   Listed Victorian House, Cambridgeshire


Susan and Peter Hiley write from Chichester, West Sussex:

Dear Dale,

       It is well over three years since we have been here,  It suits us so well and the house is extremely comfortable and easy to run.  We will always feel grateful to you and Neil for the hard work you put in for us.  Earlier this year, we commissioned a small piece as a token of our gratitude – you will recognise the picture – which we hope you will like…


from Peter Wolton, London W4:

We first used Dale Loth Architects for a complete refurbishment of our listed house in 1998 which included a rear extension. They devised a scheme that is contemporary yet sensitive to the local conservation area and readily gained the approval of our excellent local conservation society.  Almost twenty years on, the house remains a delight to live in, and we are often reminded of the enormous thought that went into all aspects of the design including a bespoke kitchen and bathrooms.  We were clients who remained very involved in the process and Dale and Neil were a delight to work with.

When we needed to refurbish a flat at a another property two years ago, they once again delivered a wonderful scheme which resulted in the flat being let within twenty four hours of being placed on the market.