Carmarthenshire Farmhouse

These houses usually focus more on keeping out the weather than addressing their stunning surroundings.  We extended this hillside farmhouse in a rough stone vernacular with unconventionally large glazed areas framing the best views.  Planning permission was readily granted without negotiation.



To relate our extension to the original house, we used the local stone, still unrendered in some original walls, and first floor window openings of a similar size to the original. The ground floor, however, departs radically from convention.

The open plan kitchen / dining space has huge minimally-framed windows and sliding doors, and a heated flagstone floor.  

We found that angled views of the surrounding landscape were much better composed than the view straight out. This generated the V-shaped bay.

Slim steel corner post supports stonework above large corner window.  Aluminium head moulding and local stone sill echo cornice and sill to angled bay.